Meter and Rhyme
Using the fun poetic style of rhyme time, Jump Ship Jonah is a whimsical retelling of divine encounters.

"There's much that we can truly learn from Jonah and his story,
but most of all we must obey our God in all His glory!"
Point children to the Bible
As God's Word, the Bible has much to tell us about how to live in these challenging days. Our children can recieve an early benefit from the lessons of the Bible's colorful characters who were ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances. 
These beautiful yet whimsical illustrations coupled with fun poetic retellings will whet kid's appetites to find the original stories in the Bible. Once impressed by God's principles for living, they will carry those with them for a lifetime.   
Craig Hughes has worked in music & worship ministries for over forty years in Texas, Georgia and Virginia. Much of that time involved ministering to children. He now enjoys time with his four grandchildren who serve as inspiration for much of his writings. You can also read from his blog at