Craig Hughes enjoys the process of story and the way God can use stories to reveal life's lessons.  The adventures of the colorful characters of the Bible can be especially revealing and encouraging. Using the fun singsong style of rhyme time poetry. Craig has a unique way of retelling these ancient stories that appeal to kids today - and whet their appetites to read the Bible for themselves.
Rachel Day Hughes is a theatre graduate of Liberty University. Along with acting Rachel enjoys painting and calligraphy. The illustrations in Jump Ship Jonah combine ink and water color to create fun, child-like portrayals of a Jonah relatable to kids. Rachel's creative eye and beautiful illustrations appeal to children and adults alike!

Click below to  watch book trailer of  Jump Ship Jonah.

"Can you imagine how it feels to be inside a whale?"
  1. How to order
    You can order copies of Jump Ship Jonah from any bookstore or Amazon.com . If you live in the Virginia Beach area, you can find copies of Jump Ship Jonah on the shelf at Barnes & Noble (Town Center) . Email the author at [email protected] for a signed/personalized copy.
  2. Life's Lessons
    At the conclusion of Jump Ship Jonah is a list of 10 lessons that we can learn for life. These make terrific topics of discussion with children of all ages...addressing the question, "What can we learn from this?"
  3. Good for Today
    The principles for living that are revealed through Jump ship Jonah are as relevant in today's world as they were back then!